Why book Rok?

  • The answer is quite simple: he is unique and his show is one of the best you could imagine.
  • He rides on three KTM Factory bikes: KTM 125/200 DUKE and KTM 690.
  • He attracts many people to the show – both young and old.
Stunt show area specifications


  • Extreme riding on the KTM bikes and tricks you have never seen before.
  • Up to 3 shows per day; a complete show lasts around 15 minutes.
  • Rok’s autogramme session for an audience and interviews after the show.

What can you see?

  • Wheeles on 101 way (no hands, standing, fender grab, touchdown, look back, coaster, combos, circles, no hands circles, one handed circles, circle combos, deathspins, circle jumps).
  • One o`clock wheelie (scraping the roll bar on the ground and making white sparks)
  • Hardcore stoppies (nac nac, x-over, one handed, can can, kiss, one-eighty turn)
  • Christ (standing on the seat and balancing the bike with the foot)
  • Switchback riding (driving in the backwards position)
  • Skitching (sliding next to or behind the bike)
  • Drifts and slides
  • Donuts (burnout-circles standing on the foot support): donuts combos, high chair burnout
  • To spice up the show Rok includes some spectators to make some stoppie and circle action. Rok is learning new tricks constantly, so it is hard to list all of his tricks.

Contact information

Rok Bagoros

   Slavka Osterca 4a, 9252 Radenci, Slovenia


   +386 41 311 661


  • Rok can perform at any event, Company openings, Open days at stores, Motorcycle / moped / scooter meetings, Big and small events. You name it!
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  • For the best possible show, Rok needs decent riding space.
  • Minimum required riding space is 60 x 10 meters, with flat (paved) surface.
  • Please bear in mind that some of the tricks require good grip, so show on a dusty or slippery surface is not an option!
  • The audience should be separated from the performance area with a solid fence.

Weather conditions

  • Stunt shows can take place during day or night-time.
  • Best condition for his show is dry & sunny weather.
  • A little bit of rain is not a problem, but heavy rain, snow and cold temperatures means a show has to be cancelled or to be held on another day.